Recent Travel Awards 2013 - 2016

Frederick Steinmeyer

£500 paid for travel to Tampa, Florida on 3-6 November 2013 to attend the ASA, CSSA and SSSA Annual Meeting, in order to present his Perry Foundation/BBSRC funded research and build collaborative ties with leading experts in the field.

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Richard Bridgett

£500 paid as contribution towards costs of travel to the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI)  global meeting in Cairns,Australia 13 -18  July 2014

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Edward Marr

£500 paid as contribution towards travel to Brisbane, Australia where he  conducted 6 weeks of research at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) during March-May 2014. Click for Edward's report  

Georgia Mitrousia

£500 paid as contribution towards travel and accomodation at the 11 th Conference of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (8-13 September 2014) in Cracow, Poland with the title: Healthy plants — healthy people

£500 paid as contribution towards travel to Brassica 2016, combining the 20th Crucifer Genetics Conference and the 19th Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas (3-6 October 2016), in Melbourne, Australia.

Thomas Sewell

 £500 paid as contribution towards travel to the International Rapeseed Congress in Saskatoon to be held on the 5th to the 10th July 2015

Harika Gajula

£500 paid as contribution towards travel to the IOBC conference in Estonia on 5th September 2016