Perry Foundation Current PhD Studentships

2022 Fareed Bhatti  Rothamsted /Nottingham Univ  Strategies for management of eyespot in cereals

2022 Laura Giminez Molina University of Hertfordshire  Light leaf spot resistance in oilseed rape

2022 Emily Erland - Bristol University - Bioplastics for regenerating degraded soils

2021 Cristina McBride-Serrano Lancaster University Can increased plant diversity restore soil-associated ecosystem services in agroecosystems experiencing variable rainfall patterns?

2021 Scott Ewing Glasgow University Improving Crop Quality Using LED Lighting in Vertical Farms

2021 Evren Bingol University of Hertfordshire Understanding interactions between Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa for improving control of phoma stem canker on oilseed rape

2020  Laura Sapelli University of Hertfordshire/ADAS  Understanding host resistance to improve control of light leaf spot on winter oilseed rape in the UK

2020  Adam Peter Reading University Apples in a Warmer World: Understanding potential effects of climate change on fruit production to mitigate impacts for food and nutritional security

2020  Jenna Shaw Harper Adams Investigating the chemical ecology of aphid hyperparasitoids

2019 Rebecca Hoyle Liverpool University Co-infection and integrated control of liver fluke and rumen fluke

2018/21/22  MPhil/PhD Sean Brierley Salford University Novel tools for exploring the epidemiology of tick-borne infections of livestock in the UK

2018  (plus 1 year extension) Sarah Shepperd Reading University Soil chemistry and soil meso/mircrobiota diversity under diverse forage mixtures